Carphone Warehouse

cw is an online shop and electronics retail store located in Great Britain. The company has been specializing in smart phones, tablets and similar mobile devices ever since they started operation in 1989. CarphoneWarehouse has grown exponentially since, producing smaller offshoots such as Geek Squad, an IT support service, and created then sold off the wildly successful TalkTalk phone network.

Carphone Warehouse has more than 750 brick and mortar store shops scattered in the UK, with more located across Europe. The retail shop offers the latest models on smart phone brands on a wide range of available mobile networks. They offer pay as you go promos, SIM-only bundles and also monthly telecom contracts. Carphone Warehouse has been brought under the Dixons Carphone Group umbrella since 2014. The brand is a conglomerate which specializes in selling electrical products, linked to Curry’s Digital and the PC World site.

CarPhone Warehouse sells all the latest smart watches, headphones, fitness wearables, tablets on all popular brands such as Samsung, Sony, Apple and Google. The range of electronics being offered covers almost all consumers of age, from a child’s first calling phone to a family plan looking to save money on mobile phone and coverage bundles. Business users and corporate organizations may also get their needed smart phones and plan packages according to what they need.

The retail electronics company is known for having great deals in the form of coupons and extra incentives. Some of the promotions they have are free delivery, free cases or other mobile phone accessories. Carphone Warehouse may even offer deals that tempt customers with promotional tablets, game consoles and TVs in an effort to get them to buy their wares.

The company’s website, is an intuitive website that exudes a user-friendly appeal to its customers. Helpful site features such as a comparison tool and customizable sliders allow the customer to get the best deals possible with the budget they have.

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