EE-mobileEverything Everywhere (EE) is the principal 4G provider in the United Kingdom. EE arose from the merger of Orange and T-Mobile in 2010, and pioneered the introduction of 4G operation in 2012. It differentiates itself from the market through offering extremely fast connection.

The 4G service is available in many UK cities, and the locations stood at 215 in June 2014. Its coverage is therefore far-reaching and has amazing speeds of up to 500 megabytes-per-second. With the improvement in the network, users can also get movies to enjoy in their mobile devices at only 99 pence. The movies are availed through EE’s Film Store on Thursdays.

The speeds give EE competitive advantage. There is an additional bonus to this robust network where customers can enjoy free Wi-Fi at given locations. Notable areas for the promotion include the Wembley Stadium and Glastonbury festival.

Furthermore, EE has very appealing tariff charges. There is a plan to pay monthly and another for SIM-only services. Both of these plans combine texts, minutes and data in an inexpensive package. If you want more, you will find double-speed plans for area with great connectivity that reaches the said 60 megabytes-per-second.

EE-CoverageIn addition, you do not have to worry about the coverage since it stands at 70 percent of the United Kingdom. This massive coverage makes EE dominant in the United Kingdom. What’s more, the network is consistent, and it is also reputed as a reliable provider. It is ahead of other players on its tariffs for texts, calls and data.

Moreover, customers can enjoy free Wi-Fi app which enables users to optimise the minutes. One way that the app does this is to allow VoIP calls using the wireless especially in areas with low mobile signal.

ee-film-storeThe company has also benefited customers in the past by offering almost free streaming of movies from its Film Store. Many such offers keep coming-up.

All the same, areas that do not have 4G connectivity still enjoy 3G services where EE dominates too. These customers can also make use of the Wi-Fi if the mobile signal is problematic.