o2-mobileO2 is one of the largest telecommunication and mobile phone providers in the UK. The O2 mobile packages are available in a wide range of options to suit personal and business needs.

In addition to competitive rates for UK calles, text messages, and international calls, O2 offers a reward system in which extra texts, minutes, and VIP tickets are provided as rewards for its loyal customers. This is just one aspect of the high quality of O2’s customer service. Most customers with a contract type tariff are able to call customer service free of charge.

Through the quality service it provides, good coverage across the UK, comprehensible tariffs, and good customer service, O2 has become one of the largest mobile phone providers in the UK. A variety of popular mobile phones are available in combination with contract or pay-as-you-go tariffs. For all of these reasons, O2 was named Best Network in the Mobile Choice Network Awards 2008.

About O2

O2 is the commercial brand name of Telefónica UK Limited, one of the largest European telecommunication companies. In July 2008, O2 had approximately 43.8 customers in the UK, Ireland, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

2007 was a big year for O2. Apple agreed to an exclusivity deal in which O2 received the sole right to provide network services for the iPhone. In addition, O2 launched its music headset, O2 Coccoon. This headset is widely considered to have upped the standards for phone design.

By purchasing BE, a UK broadband firm, O2 entered the broadband market. Now, after its ISP, O2 provides discounted broadband to their mobile phone customers.


O2 offers a range of plans, including monthly plans, pay-as-you-go tariffs, and SIM only prices.

Monthly plans are available for a variety of combinations of minutes, texts, and data. The length of the monthly contracts ranges from 18 to 24 months. For example, the Basics package includes 50 minutes, 250 texts, and 100MB of data per month for £18.50 a month for 18 months or £13.50 a month for a longer contract of 24 months. The more expensive contracts include more minutes, texts, and data.

Pay-as-you-go costs 35p per minute for calls and 12p per text. The cost per call can be reduced by purchasing bolt-ons, which are available with every top up. For a top up of £7.50, you can receive unlimited texts. If you choose, you can top up with £10.00 and get 500 minutes of landline calls and O2-O2 calls.

The SIM only deal from O2, called SIMplicity, starts at £3 per month. This deal is intended for people who already have a mobile phone and just need a SIM card. Bolt-ons for texts, data, and calls are also available.


O2 is generally considered the mobile provider with the best signal coverage in the UK. By 2013, O2 fulfilled the government-set obligation to provide at least 80 percent of the population of the UK with 3G coverage. The first HSDPA network in Europe, located on the Isle of Man, was operated by O2. Since then, O2 has contributed to the development of HSDPA technology and to telecommunciations advances such as 4G.